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Sacramento Private Security, Roseville is the leading security company in Sacramento, CA. Our aim to provide the best possible security services for cannabis, residential properties, commercial areas, small and large-scale events, concerts, and various individuals who might feel the need to have a personal security guard with them all the time. Our focus is to deliver quality and personalized guard services to our customers since each job is different but with the overall goal keeping you safe.  Our goal is to always make sure our client’s overall peace of mind is at ease knowing they are dealing with a professional Security Company.

Our guards are trained in the efficient techniques of patrolling and monitoring the areas and ensuring an overall event’s safety. We also have a team of highly professional security officers who perform their jobs excellently. Our expert guards can handle all types of dangerous situations. We are dedicated to our clients which is demonstrated by our patience, friendly and thoughtful attitude and our ability to listen to our clients and understand specifically what is needed.

We strongly believe in offering quality private security services. That is why we always conduct thorough meetings with our clients to develop customized security plans and strategies to address various security risks. We have experts who have years of experience working in law enforcement agencies and military, which equips them to deal with even the most dangerous situations.

Simply put, our client’s needs come first.  Here at Sacramento Private Security, Roseville your safety really is our passion.



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Sacramento Private Security is the leading private security company in Sacramento

At Sacramento Private Security, our Roseville Private Security services include cannabis, residential properties, commercial areas, small and large-scale events, concerts, and various individuals who might feel the need to have a personal security guard with them all the time. Typically we are able to do whatever is needed to keep you or your property safe. Our team of experts will make sure you have all the necessary information to make the most informed decision and you will understand why we are Sacramento’s top private security company.

Residential & Commercial Security

Sacramento Private Security can maintain a very safe and secure environment for your customers and staff by continuously patrolling the premises of your businesses and monitor any suspicious activity. A significant number of potential losses and damages can be decreased with our reliable security services as we report any type of irregularity and violation. Our professional security guards are capable of protecting both your commercial and residential property. If you live in an area where the crime rate is high, or you are feeling endangered due to any reason, you can get in touch with us today. We are experienced in protecting residential properties to ensure the protection of you and your family at home.

Armed Security Guard Services

There is no doubt when working everyday in the cannabis industry there are people threaten the safety of your employees, customers and products. As mandated by the state, you need the services of an armed security guard to protect you at all times. And this does not mean you hire a random fly by security guard team who will be on their phone the whole time, you need a team of individuals who all have past experiences as Peace officers and the proper training to deal with any situation. You can contact us anytime as we are providing such security services at an affordable rate.

Marijuana Facility / Warehouse Security Guards

We are the leading security guard solution providers, especially in the cannabis industry throughout California, because we have made sure that our team of professional security guards is composed of highly qualified, trained, competent, and experienced individuals. You can get armed, unarmed, uniformed, and non-uniformed security officers from us who have years of experience in protecting different sites and processes like the cultivation, processing, and storage as per the rules and regulations.

Bars & Nightclubs

Managing bars and nightclubs can be an extremely challenging task, especially if you do not have reliable security. We provide the best security guards in Sacramento. They are trained to deal with all kinds of issues related to bars and nightclubs such as identification, scanner, and other operations that are common in such establishments. Our security personnel have the skills, experience, and knowledge to prevent issues like theft, physical and verbal fights, and any big threats to the business. Having the right security system and guards can make a huge difference and save hundreds of lives from being in danger when all they wanted was to have a great time.

Private Event & Individual Security

Parties & Private Events Security is critical for any function you as the host are putting on. When you are throwing a private party, your focus is on enjoying the party and creating a peaceful ambiance for your guests. To have a completely safe environment, you must hire a reliable security company like Sacramento Private Security to ensure your property and your guests’ safety at a private event. You do not need party crashers or intruders to disturb the party’s whole mood, so our professional security guards can take care of such issues.

Special Events & Concerts

Sacramento Private Security Company provides security guards for special events like birthdays, weddings, commercial events, concerts, or any other event. We are offering both armed and unarmed security offers, depending on the client’s requirements. It is very difficult for event management companies and inexperienced security service providers to manage large-scale events like concerts where thousands of people come from all kinds of backgrounds. As a result, criminal activities are quite common at such events. However, we have thoroughly professional, experienced, and trained security guards who can ensure your guests’ safety by addressing all the security risks of your venue.

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